Art meets Story



A sensual curve and in the background the auspicious hint of an attractive female body, gracefully set in scene by soft light. A spotlight draws the eye to the exciting moment of the picture: A man with jackhammer stands on the top of the hill and threatens to burst this lustful reverie.

A sketch is blossoming

The pencil gently touches the smooth surface of the paper. Tenderly he fills something of her white emptiness. Carefully, the delicate line grows up, assumes the shape of a flower and finds its perfection in a flower. Wake-kissed by the life-giving water, this unfolds its full splendor, leaves the abstract two-dimensionality of the sketch and dives into our reality.


Dark Snow paradies

Build a snowman, ride a sledge, enjoy the moment: the kids have fun even though their playground is surrounded by a brown monotony. Because children have the gift to enjoy every little detail. You will find beauty in every desert. Even if she hides under a nondescript, dark shell. Here becomes clear what makes the child's thinking so special: a mixture of true wonder, lightning-like knowledge and the lack of self-evident.

Climate cheese

There is no climate change? Such a cheese! And that's exactly what the photographer focuses on. Immersed in cold, bluish light and framed by unreal, distorted reflections, the picture shows what climate change causes: It destroys our living space in pieces, thus traveling families apart. The refugee movements of our time can not be seen detached from the destruction of our environment. And so it is no coincidence that the symbol of global warming par excellence for this image model: the polar bear. The overall picture mood is depressing. And rightly so. Because the whole problem stinks to the sky.


Well-groomed vanities

How many men pluck their eyebrows? And how many of them would admit it to their friends in the evening at the bar? Probably only an absolute minority. Otherwise it would behave well in the pictured scenario: eyebrows trim properly with HP.

Bavarian hangover breakfast

With "Lederhosen", "Maßkrug" and folk music: that is how the typical Bavarian celebrates. Well and in a good mood. The next morning - looking at the breakfast loops - the memory of the hearty evening is often already pale and far away. The cheerful beer tent singing echoes and the intense experiences appear dull and pastel. As if there were a shadow over it that is only slowly moving away. But enough of it. Let's talk about the picture.


All pictures are now also available in the shop

Various sizes on high-quality acrylic glass or aluminum Dibond.


White addiction

Already knew? Sugar triggers the same reactions in the brain as nicotine or cocaine. Sugar can be addictive. And the risk of infection is enormous: Here is a piece of chocolate candy, there a delicious donut: it is almost impossible to escape the industrial sugar. And every day we want something more. What helps against it? A protective suit of balanced nutrition and discipline. Whether it is as yellow as in the picture? Probably not, but more effective.

Crooked dynamics

Why is the banana crooked? The artist does not provide an answer to this question. Instead, he sets the curvature in a unique way in scene. Through skillful play with sharpness and blur, the banana becomes a playground for a scooter rider who rushes along the yellow curvature with his red moped. Loosely he leans into the curve, the blue scarf flutters excitedly behind him and involuntarily the viewer feels the light breeze of the wind in his face. So much momentum has certainly no banana mediated.