Sebastian Theisen

is a young German artist who lives and works in Rosenheim. Learn more about him and his art on this page.


Over the artist

Sebastian loves to put details interesting in scene, exciting moments to surprise and surprise the viewer. Sometimes directly, sometimes with a lot of time and atmosphere.


He uses objects of everyday life and combines apparently not combinable. So he creates new worlds and realities. In doing so, the transport of stories and statements is always the focus.

Sebastian Theisen is a German artist of the 80's was born in Simmerath. Sebastian came to art through his passion for photography and our enthusiasm for experimentation.


He experiments in his pictures with sizes, proportions and colors. From 2D, to 3D and to convey the illusion of dimension and depth is his goal. For Sebastian, art must still be movable in all directions, despite its style.

"I love to surprise the viewer with my art"
- Sebastian Theisen