Unique details, interestingly staged. Discover the exciting moments in my pictures. I play with sizes and proportions, use objects of everyday life and combine apparently not combinable. That's how I create new worlds and realities. So I tell stories: of things as they are or how they should be. Immerse yourself in my picture worlds. Let yourself be inspired, entertained and thought-provoking.


Have fun

Sebastian hat eine Skizze mit dir geteil

Sebastian Theisen, was in his 80s born in Simmerath in the Eifel.


He experiments in his pictures with sizes, proportions and colors. From 2D, to 3D and to convey the illusion of dimension and depth is his goal. For Sebastian, art must still be movable in all directions, despite its style.


In his pictures, he always transports a story and sometimes even packs a painful portion of social criticism. He also does not stop at black humor and eroticism, always paying attention to the eye with a wink.